GameArt Unveils Creative Slot Game Art on Behance and ArtStation Platforms

August 31st, 2023 Company updates

GameArt's captivating digital artworks are now available on Behance and ArtStation for slot game and art enthusiasts to enjoy.

GameArt, a developer of high-quality HTML5 slot games for both online and land-based casino operators, proudly announces its debut on the Behance and ArtStation platforms. This strategic move marks a significant step in GameArt's commitment to showcasing its ingenuity and artistry to a wider audience.  

At GameArt, creativity, passion, and quality are the driving forces behind every endeavor. Guided by these principles, the company's creative art team, led by exceptionally gifted individuals, embraces a culture of innovation and artistic exploration. This creative freedom allows the team to refine their ideas and produce higher-quality content. 

"Our Art and Design Teams, in collaboration with other integral departments such as Product Development, Maths, and Quality Assurance, synergistically shape our creations into exceptional products," says Peter Jonas, Art Director at GameArt. "This collaborative approach ensures that each release surpasses our previous benchmarks, propelling our creative evolution."  

The Behance and ArtStation platforms now serve as captivating windows into the world of GameArt's digital artistry. These profiles spotlight the company's digital artworks and awe-inspiring designs, offering enthusiasts and admirers an intimate view into the creative process that fuels GameArt's innovations.  

The curation and management of these platforms are entrusted to the expert hands of GameArt's Art Director, Peter Jonas. A nominee for multiple gaming awards with a rich background spanning illustration, concept art, and casino gaming, Jonas brings a wealth of experience to the role. His meticulous approach ensures that the showcased works are a true reflection of GameArt's dedication to excellence.  

GameArt's presence on Behance and ArtStation is a testament to the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of imagination and aesthetics within the realm of slot games development.  

Viewers are encouraged to check back periodically, as GameArt is committed to regularly updating these platforms with fresh digital artworks. Each visit promises a glimpse of the latest creations that represent GameArt’s dedication to excellence.    

About Peter Jonas  

Peter Jonas’s career as an illustrator and concept artist took off in 2000. After creating video games for several companies, he began his journey in the casino game industry in 2015.  

While serving as Art Director at Play'n Go for several years, he collaborated with other departments and development teams to use the newest technologies. He served as coach and mentor to junior art directors and artists, enabling them to create outstanding games.  

In 2020, he chose to continue his slot games adventure at GameArt, where he now has more freedom to express himself and expand on his own visions. He enjoys the working environment at GameArt and gets to work with amazing artists and create games with passion and fun. Together with his super team, he can keep that artistic passion burning, and continue to enhance the level of art with every game.  

Peter has been nominated and shortlisted for several gaming awards.   

About GameArt  

GameArt is a pioneering developer of top-tier HTML5 slot games tailored for both online and land-based casino operators. Driven by a passion for creativity and a dedication to quality, the company's art-centric approach consistently sets new benchmarks for innovation and entertainment.  

Explore GameArt's artistic journey on Behance: Behance Profile Link. Witness breathtaking designs on ArtStation: ArtStation Profile Link.