Halloween Farm

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  • Release Date
  • 03/10/2023


Amidst the moonlit gloom of a Halloween night, the once familiar farm transforms into an eerie realm of spectral wonders. Welcome to Halloween Farm, a bone-chilling slot game that promises to unravel chilling surprises at every spin. Within this bewitched setting, the zany creatures of GameArt’s beloved Money Farm series have embraced the Halloween spirit, infusing the landscape with an uncanny energy as they prowl beneath the flickering illumination of sinister pumpkin lanterns.

Halloween Farm is a 5x3-reel slot game with 25 paylines. Trigger 12 Free Spins by landing 3+ SCATTERS. Once in FREE SPINS, be sure to collect those mesmerising GOLDEN EGG BONUS SYMBOLS to unlock up to four reel sets.

Amass 9+ Golden Egg Bonus Symbols to reveal the third reel set, adorned with STICKY STACKED WILDS on the fifth reel. At 14+, the fourth reel set materialises with enigmatic Sticky Stacked Wilds, while 30+ Symbols add Sticky Stacked Wilds to the third reel.

Yearning for swifter entry into the Free Spins round? With the BUY BONUS, you get two options: to buy 12 Free Spins starting with the second reel set unlocked or 12 Free Spins that guarantee the unlocking of the third reel set during the first Free Spin. Seek even greater thrills via the GAMBLE FEATURE, offering a chance to multiply your winnings by two or four.

Within Halloween Farm’s eerie glow, the nocturnal symphony of ghostly creatures lures you into a spine-tingling journey full of chilling excitement.